A Sustainable Art de Vivre

We all share the same sky on this beautiful blue ball we call our home and we know that taking care of it is a priority. Guess what? It’s written in our DNA. From day one, William Ashley has expounded the virtues of buying quality dinnerware, like bone china- chip resistant- made to last. We source products such as sustainable Maplewood salad bowls and cheeseboards made locally, in Ontario, to reduce our carbon footprint. Investing in brands that give back to the planet is key. Find out how a water bottle can fight landfill and how a decorated plate can help to save a rainforest- right here- on The Breaking Dish.

Gio by Wedgwood

LESS IS MORE Bone china is the most durable body of dinnerware on our shelves. The elastic nature of bone china resists chipping, endures the test of time, and the long term investment works out to just pennies a day! Like a solid wool coat that goes with everything, add a bright mat underneath or patterned napkin on top of these dishes and your table will forever be renewed with this perfect soft-white foil.

Filter Water Bottle by BLACK & BLUM

FILL A BOTTLE NOT THE LAND The Black & Blum bottle has a reusable binchotan active charcoal filter that gently removes contaminants from tap water and releases healthy minerals back in its place. This method of filtration is not new; it has been a staple in Japan since the 17th century. It is organic, biodegradable and a respectful nod to a mystical past.

Amazonia pattern by Vista Allegre

RE:FORESTATION  The Amazonia dinnerware pattern gushes with the lush vegetation of a Brazilian Rainforest. If the intro stopped there, this new addition to Vista Alegre’s lineup would have already had us pouncing to make it our own. Yet, it’s just the beginning of a much better story. This smart design tackles important ecological issues by re-directing a portion of revenue towards the planting of Amazonian fruit trees in cities, rural areas, and indigenous villages in Brazil. STAY TUNED- COMING SOON!

Maple Salad Bowl by Stinson Studio

GOOD WOOD The Ambrosia bowls, made in Ontario by the Stinson family, have a unique starburst pattern which occurs naturally through the lifespan of a Maple tree. We love the hand-feel of these one-of-a-kind treasures. They are a perfect wedding gift for the nature lover in all of us. Who would have thought hand-turning salad bowls in a horse stable would have grown into a multigenerational tradition? It’s definitely a testament to the value we all place on the new sustainable Art de Vivre.