Be a Wedding Guest Boss!

When you’re invited to the wedding, naturally you want to select the perfect gift, a gift that marks this momentous occasion and reflects what the happy couple means to you. Here’s our gifting guide for the busy wedding goer.

Introducing the new Rock pattern by Villeroy & Boch

THE A-LIST: Peak wedding season is here. What will you gift the happy couple? One would love a year’s worth of spa treatments, the other, Raptor’s tickets. So they both like Drake? That’s not getting you far. If they registered with us- your ticket to wedding guest nirvana just got delivered. Their selection is online and easy to shop. All you need is one full name and the wedding month and year to enter our digital wonderland. Or, come to the store where a design consultant will pull up the list and make matching your personal taste to theirs a snap.

The Guest– made by hand- designed by Jamie Hayon for Lladro

SUSTAINABLE GIFTING: Not seeing what you like? The couple’s gone rogue- no list to count on? Chill. We have everything you need to choose a gift that matters.  With sustainability on everyone’s minds, the right gift can make all the difference. One beautiful centerpiece in crystalporcelain, or metal, is an easy option for an enduring memento. A decorative bowl as a work of art- designed with function in mind- works a treat. Add a pop of colour to an open-concept kitchen with jewel-like appliances and enamelled cookware. Or seal their day with an endless assortment of picture frames.

BETTER THAN A GIFT CARD: No time to shop? Not sure of their taste? We still have an ace up our sleeve. We’ve taken the humble gift card to new heights! You have two choices: First, we can print a golden credit card personalized in-store with your name and theirs- or- choose sterling silver coins in $50’s, $100’s or gold plated $500’s. Your swag is then placed in a William Ashley box and stowed in a shimmering bag for the perfect (Did we mention light?) presentation at a shower or wedding. 

Being a guest comes with tons of stressful touch-points. Choosing a gift for the ones you love shouldn’t be a downer. After all, research shows that gifting is far more pleasurable than receiving. And remember- when you’ve shopped with us- we have a complimentary Kusmi tea or Nespresso waiting for you in our café plus two hours of free parking under The Colonnade . See you soon-Boss!