Downton comes to William Ashley

Downton Abbey Day at William Ashley, in co-ordination with Vision T.V., is just around the corner. Yes, it is the last but definitely not the least. Afternoon tea will be served, contests will be won and your own William Ashley ambassadors will be hosting talks- taking inspiration from the era. We’re inviting you to dress up, Crawley style, and to toast the last season of our favorite British series. The festivities start at 12pm on Saturday the 25th and end at 3pm (scroll down for more details).


It’s enough to make you embrace your fellow man. But wait; according to Alistair Bruce, that’s a no-no. “I’m always trying to stop people hugging,” said Alistair in an interview with The Daily Mail. The Oracle, as the cast called him, guided the crew through the pitfalls of manor manners.”It’s just not the language of this period (we’d have to wait until the 50’s for that).


Blooper: In a famous publicity shot, a plastic water bottle could be noticed on the mantelpiece behind the characters. The mishap was dubbed Bottle-gate.


Take a sip of Ceylon’s finest while you fill out your ballot to win a Chinese Bouquet (Rust) tea set from Herend– the makers of Will and Kate’s personal tableware or a 40 piece set of Spode Blue Italian dinnerware (celebrating it’s 200th year in production).
From our stately abode, at 55 Bloor Street West, Fatima will be hosting a talk on serving cocktails and tea with a nod to the past and a (lemon) twist on the future. Samantha will be demystifying silverware and Carolyn will be showing you how to take inspiration from the past to create your own, inventive, table.

HeadshotTrivia: The Dowager Countess of Grantham, Dame Maggie Smith, has never watched the series. “I have the boxed set,” she said wryly to Graham Norton in 2015.

Don’t miss our own oracle from Vision T.V., Leanne Wright, host a trivia contest for all of you in the Downton know. We are looking forward to the pleasure of your company.

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