It was in 2011 that William Ashley dared to balance a Honda Indy race-car on four Bone China teacups, India by Wedgwood to be exact. On the 23rd of June, we will be continuing the tradition. To honour the event we decided to challenge the race-car driver to a dual with Bone China itself. Which is stronger? You be the judge. We will also be hosting Josef Newgarden, last years winner, and contender Hunter Ryan-Reay on July 14th from 12pm- 2pm. Hope to see you there.

“The Honda Indy trophy is hand made in Ireland by Waterford.”


LIGHTNESS OF BEING-The average Indy driver is 5’9 and 159lbs versus the standard Canadian male, who is also 5’9” but weighs 187lbs. Bone China is one of the lightest materials on your dinner table and can be thin enough to be translucent.


STRENGTH TEST – The force exerted on an Indy race-car driver is over 4 g’s, which translates to over 800lbs when hitting a curve. The weight of a 1575lb Honda Indy race-car can be balanced on 4 Bone China teacups.

Wedgwood is the most recognized name in Bone China dishware.


THE HEAT IS ON– Nomex, a material that is used in a race-car driver’s suit can protect a driver from temperatures of over 1,800 degrees Celsius for over 40 seconds. Firing Bone China takes 9 hours in a kiln that reaches at least 1,200 degrees.


BONE DENSITY– There is an average of 15 percent bone in a race-car driver’s body compared to the thirty three percent bone ash that is needed for porcelain to be named Bone China.

Lenox has created the most American Presidential place settings to date.


AGE DEFYING– The first race-car drivers were invented in Chicago in 1895 when the Duryea brothers challenged the world to a race. Bone China was christened roughly a century earlier (1800 by Josiah Spode II), changing the nature of dining forever.

RECORD BREAKING– Michael Andretti is the all-time Honda Indy race leader with seven victories. Wedgwood is the most recognized name in Bone China today.

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    1. Hi Marie!

      The car will be outside of our 55 Bloor street store until July 3.
      It will also be set up at the Exhibition Place for the Toronto Honda Indy event between July 15 (FREE public day) and July 17!

      Thanks for your comment!