June-where to be, what to see…

Can you believe it’s June? Time is speeding by and we don’t want you to miss a thing. We have some amazing events for you to participate in- at our store -and around Toronto. From Waterford, Ireland to Versailles, from gravity defying art glass to entertaining Downton Abbey style. From Toronto to Montreal-this is what’s making news at William Ashley.


CO-LAB The iconic Canadian jewelry maker, Birks, was in-store to collaborate on their latest catalogue. “They loved everything,” said Fatima as she explained how the design team handpicked sumptuous pieces from The Rodeo Drive collection and timeless decor from L’Objet to enhance the Montreal family’s jewels.


THE ART OF GLASS Meanwhile, Samantha and Flora zipped off to Waterford, Ireland to experience the artistry of the legendary brand. “I would recommend the Granville Hotel,” said Samantha who fell in love with the town. Flora explained how difficult it was to cut glass by hand. “Did you know The Honda Indy trophy was etched at the Waterford factory?” Thanks Flora, now we do. Just a reminder that we will, once again, be the proud sponsors of the Honda Indy. The celebrations start on June 23rd  and last until July 3rd, at the store and at Exhibition Place (15th – 17th July).


We are art glass junkies at Ashley’s and will be trotting off to the Dale Chihuly exhibition held at the R.O.M. The man who hung a two thousand square foot garden of blown glass on the ceiling of the Bellagio hotel, Las Vegas, is going to take our city by storm. Google Chihuly in Venice for some outstanding work.

Right here, at 55 Bloor Street, we will be hosting Ludvig Lofgren, the hot new designer from Maleras (Mats Jonasson), Sweden- a company created in 1890 and purveyor to the King of Sweden. This tattoo loving glass blower (very Game of Thrones) will be demonstrating what it takes to be at the top of his game on June 18th. Don’t miss next week’s blog post for his full story.


MAKING HISTORY Marilyn has rounded us up for a field trip to the Gardiner as part of the Gardiner Museum’s Signature Lecture series. We hope you’ll get your tickets at the Gardiner Museum to hear Bertrand Rondot, chief curator of furniture and works of art at the Chateau of Versailles, recount the palace’s porcelain traditions.

If you are a history buff, an Anglophile or just in love with Lady Mary’s gowns, don’t miss our own Downton Abbey Day finale (In collaboration with Vision T.V.) at the store on June 25th. We will be hosting talks on Edwardian entertaining, serving afternoon tea and much more.

We hope your June will be exciting and filled with beauty!

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