Registry 101- Meet Samantha

Samantha_SqThis New Zealander hopped on a plane from Australia, over twenty five years ago, to join the William Ashley family. I sat down with the expert consultant (ex-clothing designer), who is an avid gardener and dog lover, for the skinny on getting what you want and need out of your wedding registry.
You have great taste Samantha but how do you navigate the varied tastes of your clients? One person’s caviar is another person’s…you know what I mean? I first would ask you to take a look around. Note down a few patterns of dinnerware that you are gravitating towards. This is so I get a sense of your personal taste and can guide you within the context of your own unique style. Do you have a casual lifestyle or do you have a more dressed up lifestyle. Maybe you are a bit of both?
O.K. the plates are in my hands. I will place the chosen patterns on a table and maybe suggest another in keeping with your taste. Are you looking for a casual dining set or are you looking for a formal table or both? I’ll also go through the aspects of the dishware- porcelain v.s. bone china or earthenware v.s. stoneware.

Jackie’s Tip: Choosing tableware is like choosing an outfit. First the dress, your focal point, then the accessories like stemware and flatware.

You’re not going to quiz me later? Not at all- this just gives you a better understanding of what you are going to get in the end and relieves the stress of worrying about caring for the table setting once it arrives.There is no china police! No one is going to pop out at you and say hey that’s not done. It’s all about sharing traditions and finding new and modern ways to entertain.

Great, so I’m loving my place setting. Now it’s time to head to the flatware walls. Are you interested in silver plated or stainless steel? Maybe you hadn’t gotten that far? Flatware is a personal choice. It’s more flexible than you think. Did you know that you can you use silver plated flatware every day and wash the settings in your dishwasher?

I did not. Crystal next? You got it. If you love wine, there are great options to round out your collection. You can choose your glasses to suit your taste. Do you enjoy a robust Burgundy or a subtle Pinot Noir? Riedel offers specific stems for each variety of grape. Remember, a good bar set is always handy when entertaining.

And voila we’re done! Not yet. What about the shower or other cultural events surrounding the wedding? This is the time for you to shop freely in our large home decor section to add items like that perfect vase or a unique tray.
You are so much better than a plastic wand. Crikey. Thanks, I think? Now your job is done and I will do the rest. Feel free to contact me for any questions later. I am now your personal shopping assistant until you gather your treasures up after the wedding. Oh, and bring back some pics. I’m looking forward to seeing you on your big day!

Interview by Sujeet Sennik