T.I.F.F. Turns 40

lladro-marilyn-monroe-figure-21 When it debuted, in 1976, it was called The Festival of Festivals. Today, The Toronto Film Festival is the largest festival of its kind. This week, the Global Glitterati will come to our town to watch movies from Afghanistan to Venezuela.

The event’s artistic director was already a household name before he was appointed to the post. Remember The Showcase Revue? It was Cameron Bailey who announced to Canada that international film was indeed our cup of tea and now brings the world to us.

Our team at William Ashley has followed suit- dressing windows in homage to our great Festival of Festivals for over 10 years. As T.I.F.F. turns forty, we dedicate the space to a diverse cast – Morgan, Angelina, Meryl, Marilyn and for the young at heart, Miss Piggy!

Join us in celebrating T.I.F.F. and all the people who make the dream possible. Oh and Mr. Bailey, whenever you’re ready we would love to sit down and dish. Maybe when the weather cools down?

This week we ask- what is your favorite film of all time?

Lights. Camera. Action!