Tableware- Al Fresco Dining

jolly-crystal-william-ashleyAs hot summer days fade into warm autumn nights, restaurant patios around Canada are filled to the brim with diners squeezing out the last days of the solstice.Entertaining outdoors has been an Italian tradition for centuries. Although the words, Al Fresco are Italian, British nobility summering in the land of pasta and pomodori invented the expression in the 1800’s. Who knew?
The tradition of sharing a meal under the moonlight is easy at home, if you have the right accessories. Why not bring the inside out? You won’t have to wait for a table and the selection of dinner guests is your own.
The new Pacific pattern by Royal Doulton is an excellent choice to adorn your table, whether on an urban balcony or on the deck of your suburban home.We love the sparkle of crystal at William Ashley and just discovered the, “The Unbreakable Crystal Imposter,” to serve your sister’s Caesar salad or those devilishly charred veggies. The organic shapes of Nambe metal look stunning poolside and are a practical way of enjoying the briny goodness of fresh oysters. Dining al fresco is a great way to coax out the shades of summer in a warm fall evening.