Hosting a party? Here are our tips from THE WILLIAM ASHLEY DRINKWARE PLAYBOOK

Choosing the right drinkware for your table is simply a matter of choice at William Ashley. Here are three ways to buy the drinking glasses best suited to your unique lifestyle.

Just In: The Riedel Performance Series has a built in texture to gently aerate your wine while you swirl.

Taste Test: Riedel makes wine (varietal) specific stemware, developing the shape of each glass to suit the unique flavour and aromas of a bashful pinot to a sparkling prosecco to a bold and beautiful Bordeaux. As a renowned connoisseur of wine (and all things tasteful), 11thgeneration crystal maker Max Riedel travels the world imparting his knowledge. Want to know more about this grape-loving jetsetter?

Premier stemware by Orrefors

All Things Being Equal: Orrefors Premier stemware offers balance to your table by ensuring each glass- whether it is a white, red or a champagne flute- maintains the same height for an architectural, minimalist look. For this Swedish glassmaker, minimalism is a birthright and a nationwide strength. The clarity of this Nordic crystal makes a perfect foil for low-lying votives gracefully scattered on your table. And, guess what? Orrefors makes these too!

The Street Collection by Orrefors

Bar Beautiful: What’s your favourite cocktail? Do you drink wine frequently or only on special occasions? When setting up a bar choose a tray that is both light and easy to carry. You will need a cocktail shaker, a decanter for wine, and one for spirits. At William Ashley we have a range of decanters that can serve both as works of art and party workhorses. 

Drink barware by LSA

The glasses you select do not have to match your decanter. In fact, choosing a different glass for each guest is super easy and a good way for everyone to keep track when you hit the wee hours of the night. An old fashioned glass delights whiskey drinkers and works well for spirits served neat. Highball glasses are perfect for those fun mixed drinks of summer. Grab some flutes for a little bubbly to toast before dinner. FYI, gin is in! So make sure to take a gander at the new gin-specific glasses we gathered just for you.