You’re Invited!

It’s wedding season and you’re invited! Now comes the hard part- what are you bringing to the party? To help with this all-important question, we tapped three couples to get your creative gift giving juices flowing. Alanda and Dim, two twenty-somethings, have just moved into their first love nest, Antonio and Andre, consummate entertainers, have lived together for fifteen years, tying the knot just last year, and our fearless leader Jackie Chiesa (accompanied by her husband) adds a perspective on love and what’s new this season after taking the plunge over twenty years ago. From handcrafted wooden bowls (made locally and sustainably) to a flawless French crystal bar set, here is our take on the perfect wedding gift.

A First Love Nest: Cooking together is one of the new and exciting additions in the lives of a couple like Alanda and Dim. When gifting for Mileno-couples, remember that condo space is limited and everything in an open plan kitchen must serve a dual purpose. Being practical and choosing longevity is key, but we know you want to select a gift that stands out. Think of it as kitchen décor. Our suggestions: Le Creuset has come out with a new colour and it’s berry-tastic, blueberry (2) is a modern take on cool blue. Nespresso has upped their design game with a ceramic finished coffeemaker (3), which is guaranteed to be a kitchen counter showstopper. And for that old school charm, with a modern twist, try Alessi’s Pulcina (6) stovetop espresso maker. Steak knives become objet d’art by Argent (1) and a handcrafted Stinson Studios (5) salad bowl (made in Ontario) can be an eye-catching centerpiece on a granite counter, not forgetting the delicious Nambe (4) assortment of metal and wood platters and cheese boards.

The Entertainers: Antonio and Andre met in New York while Antonio was working for the New Yorker magazine and Andre was practicing law. For a couple who has everything, choosing a gift can be a puzzle you don’t want to play. Wouldn’t you rather have a drink? As the world of cocktails and spirits spins ever forward so are the glasses with which to raise a toast. For the couple who loves to shake and stir, here are our suggestions: Gin is hot this season and Waterford has just developed juniper spirit inspired glasses (1) to tempt the most discerning twist of lime. Baccarat has come out with a mixed set of cut crystal tumblers (4) that look as good in the box as on the bar and if you are looking for a unique decanter, try the Jo Sampson Smoke spirit decanter (3) by Waterford or Godinger’s Pivot wine decanter (5). And for that touch of pink, you will love the Blush Champagne set (2) by LSA. Cheers!

The Wedding Whisperer: “Let’s just say, never revisit a style that you have already worn when it was in the last time.” From the guru of wedding registries (and gift giving), Jackie Chiesa, President of William Ashley, recommends avoiding the pitfalls of fleeting trends by choosing from your heart. “Look at the piece and ask yourself, do you love it?” For a gift to fall in love with, here are our suggestions: Nude is not just a series of shades, it’s a lifestyle brand, and we are so happy to bring you new treasures like a vase in perfect tones of amethyst (1), trimmed in gold. The Lily Juliet collection (5), also new this season, offers a stunning mix of wood and resin pieces, while the seductive charm of the porcelain Poison decanter (3) by Vista Alegre never fails to mesmerize. Beatriz Ball’s metal collection (2) is hand-molded and finished which make fabulous centerpieces or just beautiful vessels to hold the perfect salad. Michael Aram (4) continues to grow his poetic tribe of metal pieces, drawing inspiration from a true love of nature. And speaking of love, isn’t it the real reason you came to William Ashley? Selecting a gift for two people who have decided to take a wonderful journey together isn’t a light task. Just know, at William Ashley, we are here to help with the heavy lifting . Scroll down to see a selection of couples who continue to inspire us to bring the very best to you and your loved ones.