Herend- Crafting a New Generation


She’s a millennial, K-Pop loving digital artist who just happens to be a rising star at Herend, the much celebrated, Hungarian porcelain manufacturer- founded in 1826. Anita Palkovics talked to us about the craft of painting luxury ceramics and life in small town Hungary ahead of her visit to William Ashley on April 30th.

Painting flowers on porcelain is an ancient art. You are only twenty-six years old. Why did you choose this for a career? I have always been attracted to craftsmanship. I got into the world of porcelain painting by chance but while I was learning, I found that it soothed my soul.

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From the tables of royalty to the set of Downton Abbey, Herend has been producing luxury porcelain for almost two centuries.

What is a typical day like in your world? I do not live in the town of Herend so I get up at 4am. It was quite difficult to get used to this but I finish work at 2pm! The factory is beautiful outside and practical inside. Everything is white in the studio, the workers also wear white, and figurines are everywhere. It is a very pleasant environment. When work is over, I usually meet my friends in a café or we get out into nature.

You practice yoga. Do you meditate while painting? While working, I often turn off my thoughts and only concentrate on painting. Yoga is a physical activity which offsets well the disadvantages of sitting a lot.

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What are you looking forward to finding out when you come to Canada? Have you been before? I am very excited because I have never been outside Europe. I wonder, what similarities and differences Canada has in comparison with the world I know?

Your favourite music? My favorite pop singer is (South Korean pop sensation) G-Dragon but I mostly listen to Japanese classical music while working.

Favourite form of social media? Facebook.

will and kate


Each piece of Will and Kate’s pattern, Royal Garden by Herend, is lovingly hand painted.

What artists inspire you? I am mostly inspired by Anna Dittmann, Anya Stasenko and Isobe Toast.

Anna Dittman is a trained graphic artist, like you. She, like you, is inspired by nature but her medium is digital. What would be your goal as you continue to work for Herend?I would like to create, in Herend’s world, a small continent where I can combine tradition and modern arts.

There is a renaissance in Canada. People are going back to traditional crafts. Any advice to newcomers? I advise apprentices to be patient, to find in porcelain painting what makes them happy and to always remember that.