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A Perfect Passover

20160408_100128Life is hectic. Hanukkah and Purim are over -you look up- and it’s Passover. What do I need? What do I have? It’s time to go to Ashley’s.¬†Carolyn Leitman has been a guiding light to a perfect Passover for over twenty years.

“The most important items for Passover are the Seder plate, the Kiddush cup and a Matzo plate,” said Carolyn as she gave her annual presentation of Judaica to the William Ashley staff.¬†Carolyn’s favourite Seder plate (and inserts) come from the French made Bernardaud collection- complete with a Matzo plate (on the right) which makes a perfect gift for the holidays.

marc chagal seder matza.jpg

“This new collection is an homage to the twelve stained-glass windows Chagall was commissioned to create for the Hadassah Medical Centre, between 1959 and 1962. Representing the twelve tribes of Israel, the windows were made in collaboration with stained-glass artists Brigitte Simon and Charles Marq of Atelier Simon Marq in Reims.” Blouin Artinfo

candle aram.jpg


“The image of the tree of life is one of my favourites. It is a symbol which is so widely used in all cultures and by all religions. In my tree though, I have added two love birds, looking at each other in adoration. The trees traditional meaning of life, is now augmented by an enduring image of romance and love! After all…what is life without love?” Michael Aram


Jackie’s tip: “Make sure to add metal inserts to crystal candle holders. The heat of the candle, burning out, can crack the candlestick- if it is made of glass or crystal. It also helps with clean-up.”

When thinking about changing your dishes for passover, the Pacific collection by Royal Doulton is truly versatile. It has great tapas bowls that make the perfect vessel for an egg and salt water. Remember, you can use glass for both meat and dairy which can help to accent your personal table-scape.